These testimonials are received from people practising the Melchizedek Method techniques. They may have been edited for brevity or clarity, but all essential information remains unchanged.

Rosie, Australia - in an e-mail to a Melchizedek Method Healer

I have had such a dramatic response to our last session I had to let you know and share my own delight and astonishment.

Since the moment I left you last Friday afternoon I have had consistent focus and haven't 'wasted' a minute. I know exactly what to do next every minute, I am very aware and relaxed andhave this wonderful steady flow in the physical/mental/and emotional and spiritual planes ALL AT ONCE and consistently for five days now. The Melchizedek Method or whatever it's fully called, does seem to have produced this wonderful sustainable flow and harmony at last on all these 4 levels at once, and to a consistency I do not rememberr ever experiencing. This is big news! needless to say I have been singing your praises far and wide, and people certainlynotice difference. So expect to hear from a few. I am resting much less, and when I do rest physically I am having very powerful meditations refuelling very quickly and deeply. Another big step out of CFS, this one might just be the end of it. Needless to say I have been vastly more productive, also very thrilling and exciting, given all my big plans.

What will I be like after three sessions? the mind boggles, happily I might add. No discomfort of emotional clearing either. Hot stuff!

Rina Lichtinger , USA

Dear Alton,

Just completed level I and II with Evelyn Seiden, it was a very revealing and beautiful experience. Since I received the CD;s and practice on the daily basis it helped me to stay in a lighter body, energised, and to feel balance and enhance unconditional love ineverything I do - radiating light to all around me, but most of all an inner peace, in my healing work my energy is stronger, and feel the Melchizedek Method has improved and enhance my life.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Elizabeth Brandis, Australia

The most amazing thing happened this week. I left the sacred space set up as part of thecontinuity of energy, Lyn practiced the levitation meditation and asked for confirmation. I didn't know this at the time. I knew how I had left the articles that morning because I had placed my daily cards in their places.

I got home late that night when I noticed a difference at the table. No-one had been in my house (I live alone), I had not been near the table all day (I had been at work), everything else in the room was as I had left them, other objects in a glass cabinet nearby were intheir same state.

However, on the table the pink granite capstone of the pyramidthat I was given in Egypt was lying away from it to its left, a heavy flat greenstone had moved 14cms to the right and was nearly falling off the edge, Lyn's quartz pyramid had moved to the right next to the other stone, the rough amythest that was the only crystal that I took to Egyptwas on the floor in the front of the table, the card holder at the back of the table had fallen over backwards (it has never done that before even in a breeze or when the fan is on high), the spirit photo of an elementals doorway with several objects in the background out of focus - they were in focus and glowing and looked like doors too (the photo was taken in a garden of vegetation).

I didn't talk to Lyn till a few days later when she told me what she had been doing. Whatever will happen next?

Jennifer Kamadon Honeycombe

The Melchizedek Method has changed my life. There is no other technique in the world to better it or compare with it. I say this as a master of healing and from the heart. It aids you in all areas of your life and Ascension.

Going to Australia with Alton made me finally realise. It was time to commit to myself and the method, there was no turning back. I had been called to stand up and be counted.We all had, and we knew it.

I now have a level one seminar under my belt, and before I was nervous. But from the moment I committed to myself I felt Lord Thoth and many other Beings of Light guide me. I tried really hard to get my first seminar together, it was postponed. So I asked my "mates" my holograms and my elementals, why? I heard the word loud and clear. COMMITT! So I cancelled "all" my other healing seminars I do regulary, which took a lot of courage. From then on the whole thing has fell into place.

To all Melchizedekians, have faith in yourselves, release the doubt in a hologram to the Christ grid. Our purpose on this earth is to teach this method, to serve the mother and humanity, to support each other and the method.

If you still have a "wobble" give yourself a treat: do levels one or two again. I have just experienced level 3 with Alton . It was awesome, words cannot do it justice you have to experience it for yourselves. I now know I have changed so much, I accept I am a Kamadon Master and I am proud. The only way now is onward and upward. Concertrate only on The Melchizedek Method. You need nothing else. We have gone past the writtenword.

Thank You Holograms! You are all Melchizedek Masters. Be aware of what you think!

Terry, USA

Dear Alton ,

Wanted to tell you of an event after doing the Christ Conscious Grid meditation, when I lived in the foothills of the Sierras. There wasn't a cloud in a deep blue summer sky. I did the meditation and sat (outside) for a minute. A cloud formed, like a huge kite with its tail narrowing to a point. It was moving toward me but curved to pass directly over my head. The face on the cloud was winking. I asked it to open both eyes, and as it passed over my head, it did.

Now I sometimes attend Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship in Pacific Pallisades, having moved to Thousand Oaks . One of their chants asks Christ to come as a white cloud.

Just found that interesting and thought you might, too.

Ed Kusik, USA

Abundance Area

  • Completing recovery, at no cost to me, of $7,350 of unpaid rent
  • Renters qualifying to buy rental property at upper appraisal value
  • Facilitated L1 and L2 Combined Melchizedek Method Training for full pay
  • Manifested Paid Enrollments in Other Empowerment related
  • Insurance accepted my settlement offer in a car accident saving me $500
  • One of the family cars that was totaled in the 2001 flood and was replaced, by the insurance, by a higher level car
  • Received unexpected Back Pay and Pay Increase on Retirement Income
  • Paid off more than $30,000 in loans, charge accounts

New Business Initiatives Area

  • Started to Write Book and Book Proposal on “The Future is Now – the SevenFaces of Awareness”.
  • Opened an Empowerment Center for facilitating Thoth/Alton Kamadon Melchizedek Method Training, and for teaching classes on Awareness and Mindfulness, on Awakening the Light Body, on Ascension, DiscoveringYour Life Purpose, and on Evolving Manifestation Powers.
  • Experimented launching and operating five Online Forum Web Sites and learned practical lessons in advertising and scaling down overextended operations
  • Was listed in the Year 2001 Yearbook of Experts as an Expert on facilitating
    Empowerment, Reinventing Spiritual Growth, Reinventing Knowledge
    Empowerment, Reinventing out Legacy, and Reinventing the Future
  • Presented Overview Classes on the Thoth/Alton Kamadon Melchizedek Method.
  • Presented Classes on Discovering Your Life Purpose.
  • Presented Classes on Awakening the Light Body.
  • Made new Business Contacts at the Wesak Festival Conference.

Dr. Carl Cilenti, Woolloongabba , Australia

Dear Alton ,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the enormous Gift you have bestowed on us, for such a small fee. I know some students couldnít have attended if the fee had been greater.

The value of the course is really great if one picks up the ball and runs with it. The weighing of the heart, and visiting the Halls of Amenti are so profound I have no words to describe them. I have much to think, feel and do.

Steve, Los Angeles , CA-USA.

Hi Alton !

Thought you might like to know how itís been going since the seminar in L.A.

Since the seminar I do the colour meditation, chakra meditation, healing the heart, Body Computer, abundance, age reversal and parts of the body daily or every other day without fail. I donít drive without a triple hologram for myself on my car - my aura is very strong and balanced.

Sheryl Watson, Boulder, CO-USA

Hi Alton !

I took your seminar in Boulder , CO in September of this year. I want to give you feedback on my experiences since the seminar.

Since the seminar I have practices the Melchizedek Method and had some results. In my meditations a being has been talking to me. I feel it is Thoth as it feels like him and looks like him. At first I felt weird about that but realise what an honor that is. What I like about you was your humility and down to earth manner.

I felt the seminar was an initiation. I felt the being touch my forehead and I havenít felt that since Egypt so long ago. It was great. Feels so good to be honored as my trip this lifetime has been a lonely one.

You have given us all a great teaching with the Melchizedek Method and the teaching is going out to all beings on Earth now.

Your seminar touched me in many ways, like the Halls of Amenti where we donít ask - but state our learning. I remember the ìLordís Prayerî in the Bible and it is a commanding, not a supplication. And I really love the Eye of Horus meditation. I saw so many things - letters, colors and time speeding up. I felt great after that one. I still see 360 at times. And the Ankh meditation really felt familiar. It is like a part of me and I just think of it and feel it all over again.

I guess when I responded to your ad I was looking for an accelerated method to ìhealî my clients. What I have found is a teaching and of course a healing method. So much more than I thought.

Thanks for bringing the Melchizedek Method to us.

So, in closing just know your work (The Great Spirits' Work) is having effects on all of us. We are learning to 'accept our mastery' thanks to you.

Heather Wardale, South Australia

I participated in "The Melchizedek Method" seminar two weeks ago in Adelaide with you,At this point in time it would be near impossible for me to try and put into writing how & what I have "experienced" since' then,except that for everything else that I have participated in my life,this has brought me home,like I never had imagined.I understand that this feeling of total bliss that I am experiencing can only be a "nip" of the real bliss we may be able to achieve as our Ascension continues forward,I am over the moon.Everything has come together, how we received your flier, when where and how long we had been waiting to go on this seminar etc,you know how all of this goes.

My partner is the guy who experienced the Holograms and the coding 13:20:33 whilst working in a restaurant kitchen over 90km away from where we were.I will never forget him saying,"The really weird bit, is that they were going backwards all the time and I kept trying to change the direction, & there was this beating feeling...." you know! I was convinced at that time that I would never doubt anything he ever tells me again,as I have done in the past..

All the best Alton , with you vision, thank you for re-kindling the flame in me & assisting in my understanding that I need not lose my vision. I was beginning to wonder where everything was going for a while, now I Intuitively Know!

Kathleen Griffin , Victoria , Australia

I attended the four-day "Melchizedek Method" seminar in Melboune in July.  Since doing the seminar my life has changed completely. In my own personal life, everything I have ever wanted has manifested! Using the Melchizedek Holographic  Manifesting technique I manifested my engagment to my partner, after several anxious years of patience a baby is on the way, we have just purchased (my dream) the perfect country property,my animal healing practice is flourishing and our application for registration of our animal healing group,The Holistic Animal Therapy Association of Australia has finnally been approved and is a reality (another dream or soul urge).

There was still one thing missing though. My partner and I required two good, reliable cars for our move to the country.So I bought a ticket in a raffle and on the morning of the draw did the Melchizedek manifesting meditation and also visualised the winning ticket being drawn at 6pm and at precisely 6.05 I received a call to say I had won.The prize is cars to the value of $52,000. which is exactly what was needed.

I can say is that I feel incredible joy and gratitude for life and for the assistance of Alton in teaching this method and also for having the wonderful love and support of all the Ascended Masters I trust that my joy and belief in this great love is contageous and will encourage others to help create our heaven on earth!

On closing, I would like to add that in my experience I have found that the method is so simple and powerful that almost just the intention is sufficent although I always say " 13:20:33 Triple merkaba activate FSL " as well.

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