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ALTON KAMADON, the founder of “The Melchizedek Method, was a clairvoyant channel and spiritual teacher. He was responsible for grounding upon the Earth plane the vibration of THE KAMADON ORDER OF MASTERY OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

He was initiated into the Alpha Omega Order of Melchizedek and, as a Spiritual teacher, he was actively involved in presenting world meditations, healings, counselling and initiations. As he constantly travelled the world, he presented up-to-date information and techniques within seminar environments. He was a guest speaker at the United Nations where he gave a speech on unconditional love and channelled a message of love from Lord Sananda.

Alton received “THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD” incorporating “ The Hologram of Love” Light Body Activation, in August, 1997 from the Ascended Master Thoth. Alton also constantly received information and worked with The Ascended Masters, The Angelic Realms, Lord Sananda and Lord Melchizedek. He also had memories of his deep connection to the ancient Mystery Schools of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt .

Previous seminars presented by Alton have been “Introduction to The Cosmic Consciousness Energy”, “The Final Keys to Ascension” and “The Inner Door”. These seminars have been centred around working with sacred geometry as in those ancient times of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt . In these seminars participants were introduced to working with Platonic solid shapes rotating around the body motivated into action by the Fibonacci ration spiral. The exercises were lengthy but very powerful.

In August, 1997 the Ascended Master Thoth introduced to Alton a completely simplified approach to Ascension and Merkaba light body activation. He also brought forward a new holographic healing modality. He called this new/old wisdom ‘THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD. Thoth impressed upon Alton that these new/old techniques were first practiced on Earth by the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) within the temples of self discovery and higher learning in Atlantis. He went on to say:

“THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD is much more than a light body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.”

The Hologram of Love is the basis for these extraordinary spiritual teachings and is the simplest, most powerful Ascension tool introduced to mankind at this time. The techniques introduced in “THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD” seminar are quick, simple and powerful, perfect for these ascending times. The Hologram of Love Light Body Activation expresses only three breaths and on a daily basis only one breath. Level Two of the Melchizedek Method includes many advancements upon the original techniques, but still only needs two breaths for full activation.

Levels Three, Four and Five are all quantum leaps in advancement of your journey into full Light Body activation. These levels contain some truly beautiful meditations/initiations and each one forms an integral part of building of your light body.

The journey through these levels is one of self discovery, self empowerment and the release of old belief systems and programs that contain you in a limiting space. This work is very expansive and a journey into unlimitedness, unconditional love, non judgment and unity consciousness, a oneness with all things.

Level 5.1 was presented in India and Alton 's final seminar for this level was in Dallas in November, 2003. His journey in those final months before he left the physical, were truly amazing. He was acknowledged with great love and appreciation by Spirit, by Sananda, Enoch and Thoth to name a few, for his journey and his contribution to Mother Earth and humanity. Those who were witness to some of these happenings, and acknowledgements, were in awe of the proceedings.

Alton said many times, that he would not be here very long, that there would come a time when he would “just leave” and that is what happened. He left this physical world and moved into a higher state of consciousness on the 23 rd November, 2003 . This date was the closing of the Ascension Portal for the Harmonic Concordance which the lightworkers around the Earth participated in on the 8th November and which formed a part of his last Seminar in Dallas .

There were 170 people at this event and it was truly an awesome experience.

Alton has asked many times since he left this realm, for his work to continue to be shared with as many beings as possible. The benefits from this journey through THE MELCHIZEDEK METHOD have had a profound effect on the lives of all who have experienced these energies. This is of course, Lord Melchizedek's wish as well.

Many of the changes that have come about were actually discussed with him in Dallas , such as the changing of the name to the Kamadon Academy.

He continues to share his knowledge and wisdom to all those beings who are open to receive his guidance and love.

The Journey continues……………

Level 5 (Latin Spanish)

Level 5 (English)

Level 4 (Spanish)

El Nivel IV es una vez más un salto cuántico del Nivel III del Método Melchizedek. Como todas las presentaciones anteriores del Método Melchizedek, el Nivel IV les presenta un número de técnicas inexperimentadas para activar su cuerpo de luz a una octava superior.

Es fundamental en este tiempo de la humanidad y de la evolución planetaria que la mayor cantidad posible de personas continúe buscando y activando grados elevados de luz dentro de sus células.

El Nivel IV del M.M. no solamente alcanzará esto sino que los llevara a un viaje mas allá de la encapsulación física del tiempo y de la gravedad.

En el Nivel III manifestaron su total cuerpo de Luz Adam Kadmón de 33 capas y entonces a través del escudo de luz del Templo Kamadón viajaron a través del único Ojo de Dios en una ascensión asimilada.

El Nivel IV continúa adelante asegurándoles el ingreso a los reinos superiores con todas las codificaciones necesarias y el equilibrio de luz y amor necesarios para aprovechar completamente la oportunidad de las opciones que les serán ofrecidas por Dios, cuando los mundos de luz se manifiesten ante ustedes.

En este taller serán guiados para entrar al Ojo de Dios con una total comprensión de cómo funciona la resonancia mórfica de su Merkabah y su influencia sobre el ojo eterno, dentro de las dimensiones superiores.

Serán introducidos en el Omni-Merkaba Universal de Amor de múltiples cuerpos de luz.
También es necesario agregar nuevos componentes codificados para asegurar un ingreso perfecto y una vibración del pulso de luz cuando ustedes se proyecten a través del eterno Ojo de Dios.

Level 4 (English)

Level Four once again is a quantum leap from the previous Melchizedek Method Level Three. As with with all previous Melchizedek Method presentations Level Four presents to you a number of previously untried techniques to activate your light body to a higher octave.

It is essential at this time of human and planetary evolution that as many people as possible continue to seek and activate the highest degree of light within their body cells.

Level Four of the Melchizedek Method not only will achieve this but take you on a journey beyond the physical encapsulation of gravity and time.

In Level Three you manifested the whole Adam Kadmon 33 layered light body, and then through the Kamadon Temple light shield you travelled through the single eye of God in an assimilated ascension. Level Four continues on from this by ensuring you enter the higher realms with all the required encodings and light/love balance that is necessary to take full opportunity of the options that will be offered to you by God as the light worlds manifest before you.

 In this workshop/seminar you will be guided to enter the Eye of God with a total understanding of how your morphic resonance merkabah works, and its influence on the eternal eye into the higher dimensions. You will be introduced to the Universal Omni-Merkabah of Love of multiple light bodies.
It is also necessary to add several new encoded components to ensure a perfect entry and a light pulse vibration as you project through the eternal Eye of God.

Your merkabah must now take on the light intelligences of omni-potential so that your brain can expand through your pineal frequency band. The pineal expansion is now of great importance to ensure that you draw to your consciousness the higher divine thought forms necessary for you to understand higher Mind. It’s now time to create a new reality by manifesting the superconsciousness of the divine overself.

As you ascend you enter into higher divine thought grids that are full of new instructions for your ongoing journey into light.

Each individual is unique in the way they interpret these new light thoughts, and all is determined by the way you enter the Eye of God to leave the physical realm behind, how you travel through the time tunnel/conversion zone of the Eye, and how you release yourself into the light worlds.

Level 3 (Latin Spanish)


El Nivel Tres del Método Melquisedec puede describirse como una Iniciación dentro de la Orden de Maestría del Templo Kamadon de Enseñanza Superior, de Conocimiento y Sabiduría del Amor Incondicional de Dios a través del Nuevo Merkaba de Unicidad de Amor.

Hay muchos niveles de vibración superior dentro de la Maestría de la Orden de Melquisedec, y Kamadon es una de esas órdenes superiores de Maestría.

“Kamadon” es un anagrama del nombre Adám Kadmón, el nombre que se le da a nuestro Cuerpo de Luz, el “arquetipo” o prototipo de la humanidad. Esta es la forma divina que contiene la esencia de YHVH, Dios.

En 1991 fui despertado una mañana para hacer la primera gráfica del Templo. Fue dibujado como una rueda que puede verse cuando la miras desde arriba, la rueda tiene cuatro rayos que unen el perímetro externo con el eje interno y tiene la forma de un domo. Se me describió como una construcción circular con 33 niveles, con una cámara principal dentro del eje central. Dentro de los rayos de la rueda, o el diseño circular había muchas otras cámaras.

Se me dijo que esta estructura era, por ahora, un Templo Etérico de Enseñanza Superior que estaba esperando ser atraído a la Tierra a través de la conciencia humana, que la Sabiduría que contenía dentro de esta estructura de conciencia viviente se me daría más tarde para traer la realidad de lo que ofrecía a la humanidad en su búsqueda de realización de sí misma y de ascensión

Se me dio el nombre del Templo de “Kamadon”, que debía conocerse como un lugar de paz para el hombre libre que estaba relacionado con los principios de Camelot. Kamadon representa a la Rueda de la Vida Eterna y los Potenciales sin límites del amor incondicional. Se me dijo que también representaba y contenía dentro de sí el conocimiento superior del Cuerpo de Luz divina Adán Kadmón, y que también representaba el aliento de vida ( SO HUM), llamado prana, que se mueve y sale de la Fuente dentro de la Divina Presencia YO SOY.

Cada rayo representa a uno de los cuatro elementos (Tierra, Aire, Fuego y Agua) con el Eje Central o Cámara representando al Espíritu Eterno y Pilar de Luz.

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