Level 2 (English)

The Melchizedek Method Level Two continues on from the completion of Level One by introducing advancements of all the techniques previously presented in the Level One seminars. We are then introduced to an extraordinary array of masterful wisdom given directly to this earthly plane at this time to allow all participants of these workshop/seminars to take yet another quantum leap in their evolution.

Technically an enhancement to the Level One Triple Hologram of Love Merkaba, the Orbital Hologram of Love Merkaba as introduced in the beginning of the Level Two workshops can be seen as a new technique in its own right. As Thoth and the Ascended Masters reveal their vision for humankind, step by step, the Merkaba light vehicle activation as channelled through by Alton Kamadon here reveals astounding depths yet retaining its disarming simplicity. The architecture of this merkaba, of course, is to be experienced, not just perceived, and there is plenty of opportunity to assimilate and experiment with the new merkaba in this workshop.

Level Two also introduces you to a cosmic thought wave patterning that enables one to perceive and create the incoming Fifth Dimension reality of divine light and unconditional love. It allows the brain to activate as yet unused chambers within itself activating a collage of higher wisdom and experiences to magnetically manifest before you. The inner sanctum of your mind is opened to allow cosmic consciousness to be experienced. As this occurs the physical body frequency is raised a thousand-fold within your cellular structure. Your heart opens and the cosmic love vibration of unity is experienced. The blueprint of your creation then becomes more openly accessible allowing perfectedness and balance to be manifest through using extraordinarily powerful new advanced holographic healing techniques.

All in all, Level Two of the Melchizedek Method is indeed a quantum leap from Level One and will be experienced as preparation for true spiritual mastership within an ascending consciousness.

Once again, Lord Melchizedek will complete the four day course with an initiation ceremony of open hearted love, sharing of himself like never before!

The Level Two Workshop will include:

  • Activating the "Orbital" Holographic Merkaba of Love Light Body
  • Working with the "New Platinum Ray"
  • Re-directing the Elements to conform to and enhance your reality
  • Opening dimensional doorways to time travel with teleportation
  • Retrieving beneficial aspects and talents from past lives on Earth and other planets
  • Amplifying the 33rd Degree Energies of your Adam Kadmon light body with rotational light colour rays
  • Opening up the ancient seals of wisdom within the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx
  • Cosmic Thought Wave Patterning
  • Deeper into the Space Time Continuum: Original Blueprint Access & other new revelations
  • Advanced Body Computer healing techniques
  • Healing with Frequency Light/Colour beams and silent sound
  • Advanced and enhanced Holographic Manifesting and age reversal techniques
  • Opening your heart to the full cosmic vibration of unconditional love

As with Level One, Level Two combines the ancient wisdoms of Egypt, Mayan, Hebrew and Kabbalah.

Above: Advanced techniques become even more powerful!

Melchizedek Method Level Two updates to healing techniques reveal a quantum leap in evolution, empowering healers and individuals interested in self harmony alike with advanced tools to tune and heal their physical vehicles in ways far beyond the understanding of conventional health practitioners. Harnessed along with the power of the Orbital Merkaba of Love, practitioners of the Melchizedek Method are able to more than ever prepared for their journey of service to humankind as well as their own personal Ascension.

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